ModelAlpha - Active Risk Management Solution

ModelAlpha solution simplifies setting up firm specific risk management system. Risk Managers can rapidly build a customized risk management process by using ModelAlpha’s pre-built industry standard risk models, analytics and real time data solution. Learn more at:

  1. Comprehensive Risk Infrastructure customizable to your strategies.

    1. ​Real Time Monitoring, Equity Factor Investing, Stress testing, VaR, Volatility and Options modeling.

    2. Easy Investor Relations web portal. Support for shadow NAV, multi-level transparency and risk reporting.

  2. Fully managed solution with full isolation of proprietary data.

  3. Full control where your proprietary data resides while taking advantages of a cloud service.

  4. Ready to use right away with simplified data licenses.

Dedicated Service: Outsourced data management and hassle free solution implementation


Outsourced Data Management

On a daily basis, our team manages reference, pricing and position data from multiple vendors and custodians. We are specialized in maintaining data quality levels and effective change management.

We will reduce your operational complexity with our dedicated and experienced data team. Please contact us at We will come up with detailed project plan. 

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