ModelAlpha - Active Risk Management Solution

ModelAlpha solution simplifies setting up firm specific risk management system. Risk Managers can rapidly build a customized risk management process by using ModelAlpha’s pre-built industry standard risk models, analytics and real time data solution. Learn more at:

  1. Comprehensive Risk Infrastructure customizable to your strategies.

    1. ​Real Time Monitoring, Equity Factor Investing, Stress testing, VaR, Volatility and Options modeling.

    2. Easy Investor Relations web portal. Support for shadow NAV, multi-level transparency and risk reporting.

  2. Fully managed solution with full isolation of proprietary data.

  3. Full control where your proprietary data resides while taking advantages of a cloud service.

  4. Ready to use right away with simplified data licenses.

Dedicated Services


Success Story

Manamu Solutions (Manamu) is helping Transcontinental Fund Administration, Ltd (TFA) in developing software systems to model and manage hedge fund administration.

TFA is a reputed Hedge Fund Administrator based in Chicago. TFA administers wide variety of Hedge funds and Private Equity Funds both onshore and offshore entities. TFA requires complex software systems to administer each fund in an efficient and effective manner. Their IT systems manage fund portfolios, NAV calculations, subscriptions and redemptions and automate internal processes. TFA needed help in architecting, designing and managing their large and complex IT infrastructure.  They were looking for a trusted outsourcing partner who has domain knowledge and expertise in architecting and building scalable and robust IT systems. And they found the right partner in Manamu Solutions. Manamu Solutions partnered with TFA in managing their functionality set and operational complexity by both listening and providing IT perspective. Manamu Solutions have been successfully developing smart, scalable and robust IT systems for TFA in a timely manner.

Our Services

“Your ideas are our passion”

We help hedge funds, portfolio managers and hedge fund administrators in building flexible, scalable and smart software systems that provide competitive advantage. We assist managers execute their software system ideas. We will partner with you and execute tailor made IT solutions for your business.

We are founded by software engineers. We love programming. We offer software architecture, development and management services. We have specific expertise in the below subspecialties. We are always ready to take up new challenges.

1.       Hedge Fund Administrative Systems:

a.       Transfer Agency

b.      Portfolio systems

c.       NAV Calculation Engines

2.       Hedge Fund Front Office Systems:

a.       Real time portfolio aggregation and reporting systems

b.      Risk Management Systems

c.       Front Office Market Data Management Services

1.    Risk Management Systems

The Manamu solutions has expertise in developing effective and efficient risk management systems. We develop complete end-to-end risk management systems. Risk assessment, risk reporting, risk management. Our risk systems assist both the risk manager and the portfolio manager. We will also partner with you in building the best risk system customized for your business.

1.1      Risk Measurement


1.             Integration with Barra, Axioma and Northfield multi-factor models.

2.             Support for custom multi-factor model development.

Equity Derivatives

1.       Valuation systems for options, futures and variance swaps.

Bonds and CDS

1.      Valuation and linear multi-factor models.

Currency risk

1.      Measuring currency risk of equity, equity derivative, fixed income and swap products in a portfolio

1.2      Risk Reporting

Real time monitoring

1.             Up-to-date portfolio risk and PnL

2.             Realtime performance attribution for equity and equity derivatives.

Reporting Systems

1.       Daily and historical risk reports.

Performance attribution report

1.3      Risk Management

Risk Limits

1.      Systems to setting and enforcing risk limits.

Risk hedging systems

1.      Internal neutralization systems

Automated or semi-automated systems to create hedge trade.

2        Fast Development:

1.             What is your average time-to-market for each feature?

2.             Do you have all possible reusable components and services?

3.             Do you have maximum possible resources working on every feature?


Change is Constant. In financial industry, market forces, assumptions and opportunities rapidly change. All solutions must be built as FAST as possible with as much quality the requirements demand. We are expert in augmenting your development capacity. We provide 24 hour development capacity for your projects.